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Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder

People having Advanced sleep phase disorder are unable to stay awake until their desired bedtime and unable to stay asleep until their desired waking time.

Advanced sleep phase disorder (ASPD), also known as the advanced sleep-phase type (ASPT) is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder or advanced sleep phase syndrome (ASPS), is a condition in which patients feel very sleepy and go to bed early in the evening and wake up very early in the morning.

People with advanced sleep phase routinely go to sleep in the early evening in between 6 and 9 pm and wake up in the early morning ranging from 1 to 5 am. Person having advanced sleep phase is not necessarily a precursor to having or being at a risk of acquiring other sleeping disorders. People having ASPD get quality sleep on a par with people sleeping at more normal times.

Advanced sleep phase disorder may happen due to poor sleep hygiene or stress related factors. It could lead to the development of other sleep related disorders. Body functions influenced by the circadian rhythm are also affected and moved forward as a result of the advanced sleep phase includes an earlier release of melatonin and other hormones, earlier body temperature curve and natural tendencies to eat meals earlier than usual.

Many people are able to fully function in society with advanced sleep phase disorder, Others may feel alienated when forced to skip out on social gatherings that occur in the evening, it can either attend them with limited faculties due to overwhelming sleepiness. It could lead to further stress and the development of additional sleeping disorder. The sleep deprivation may also be the result of too many forced late evenings as the people will still wake up at the regular early time, no matter the amount of sleep attained.

Based on the knowledge that ASPD relates to an early timed body clock,. Aim of the treatment is to change the body clock to a more normal timing. ASPD treatments can re-time the body clock by getting bright light visual stimulation and taking melatonin.

Re-Timer provides a UV-free green light source shown in university trials to be the optimal wavelength to re-time the circadian rhythm, allowing you to achieve a sleep-wake routine that can solve advanced sleep phase disorder.