TIN Number -32050538649

IEC code - 1014016142

TAN Number -TVDR00746E

How to use?


Open the battery compartment by sliding the back cover. Insert the battery with correct polarity and close the cover.


Press the yellow color power button for one second.

For first time use, set the date and time by pressing down button and select Date/ time set.



Sit and relax in a chair under the fan for 10 minutes.

Select the measurement by pressing up or down button.


Measurement - Method 1

Hold the instrument in the right hand as shown in the picture, the stain less steel plates in the bottom corners are the first two measuring electrodes. This should firmly inside the right hand, then press blue color (enter) button in the center ,then touch the left hand palm to the stainless steel measuring electrode in the left side of the instrument,as shown in the picture.Wait for 30 sceonds untill beep sound is over.


Measurement - Method 2

There is a second method which is more accurate and try to follow this always.

In this method hold the instrument in the right hand same like in the previous method, then touch 3rd electrode in the left side of the instrument to the left part of the body below left nipple or breast as per the picture.

Wait for 30 second until beep sound is over.



The data will be processed and result will be displayed as a written comment and also as a wave form.

If you are taken reading after walking, climbing steps, the instrument shows that you have problem with heart and consult physician. Do not get panic. Sit in a chair under a fan, drink a glass of water and relax for 5 to 10 minutes and take the readings.

Always try to follow second method by touching instrument below left nipple since it is more accurate than touching left palm.

Always there is a chance of wrong reading due to shaking of hands and body,due to this reason the device may show that you have varations in ECG.Do not get panic due to this wrong reading.Sit and relax and repeat process for 5 or 6 times with in span of 5 to 10 minutes.

If all readings shows that heart have varations in ECG after 5 or 6 readings within 5 to 10 minutes,immediatily consult a doctor.

If you have any uneasiness, breathing difficulty, chest conjunction try to do the same and if the instrument shows a postive result of heart trouble consult a doctor immediatly.



As you know that the ECG is the electric pulses generated by heart muscles and the ECG machine is measuring this electrical pulses.

In extremely rare cases this machine can't measure the ECG from palm of some people due to the high insulation resistance of the skin in the palm. So don't get panic, if this machine is unable to measure the ECG as per the above two measuring methods. You may not have any problems with your heart. You have to use hospital grade 10 leads ECG or consult a doctor.

The ECG mointor is a senstive electronic device.Do not fall it down or give to children as a toy.

If you are not using for long time remove the batteries from the device.

Read the Instruction manuel carefully before the first use of this device