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(This is an apporved medical device by the Goverment of Australia)

A medicine Free Solution for your sleeping problem

We,M/S.BLACK CHERRY is the importer and exclusive re-seller of Re-timer light device in India.


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Attention: Now Re-timer is available in commercial price for hospitals, sleep therapy clinics, doctors, psychiatric doctors, mental health counselorsetc. Minimum order quantity three (03) devices. Only cash and carry, no credit allowed. For samples, MRP must be paid. For more details write to us with your details to info@blackcherry.in or call 7025 616161

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Sleep,the Forgotten Key to Health and Wellness

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Know more about sleep, sleep disorders and it's treatments!

What is sleep means?

Sleep means a condition of body and mind which typically recurs for several hours every

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Why do we sleep at night? / Benefits of Sleep

We spend a third of our life time for sleep. So why do we sleep? This is a question that

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How Much Sleep Do We Need?

The amount of sleep each person needs depends on many factors, including age. Infants

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Consequences of Insufficient Sleep

Most people don’t get enough sleep. We are a society that burns the candle at both ends,

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Different types of sleep disorders

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, winter blues, summer depression,

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What is sleep Hygiene means?

'Sleep hygiene' means habits that help you have a good night's sleep. Common sleeping

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What is light therapy means?

Light, whether natural or artificial, affects all life on our planet. It is more

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Light therapy risks

In general light therapy is safe. Side effects have been minimal. While a

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Optical Test Report

Optical safety test report of Re-timer light therapy device.

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RE-TIMER light therapy device is a solution for the following disorders!

Circadian rhythm Disorder

The circadian rhythm means a twenty for hour cycle in the physiological processes of organsims. And circadian

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Insomnia is difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep for long enough to feel refreshed the next morning

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Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder

The delayed sleep phase syndrome is characterized by difficulty in falling asleep at a socially

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Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder

Falling asleep too early and waking too early might be signs of an advanced circadian rhythm

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, winter blues, summer depression,,

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Jet Lag

Jet lag is also known as time zone change syndrome ordesynchronizes. Jet lag can occur when

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Shift Work Sleep Disorder

Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder characterized by insomnia

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Terms of use RE-TIMER light therapy device!

Conditions of Use - safety instructions

The Re-timer is not a medical device.This device should not be used while wearing reading or other glasses

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How to use?

Switch on the device by pressing the round button inside the device two times and use 30 minutes

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How to charge?

You can charge the device with your laptop or PC or with 5V DC, 1A USB wall charger.When it is charging,

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How to Purchase?

A customer must carefully read and understand Conditions of Use - safety instructions before placing an order.

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About Re-Timer

Re-timer was formed in 2010 and its primary purpose was to commercialize a light device for improving sleep. World’s first wearable green light device had created by Professor Leon Lack and colleagues at Flinders University, they have been working on since 1987. And the first commercial-grade product was launched onto the world market in November 2012. After that, thousands of units have been sold worldwide. Re-Timer's benefits spread through word of mouth and demand for the technology continues to increase.

Over two years a team of two ophthalmic experts, 7 engineers and two sleep psychologists designed Re-Timer. Over one year (1,900 hours) of work time was spent on computer-aided design alone. Professor Leon Lack's team worked tirelessly to incorporate the latest sleep science from Flinders University into an ergonomic wearable technology. After four design iterations and 160 logged design changes, the Re-Timer was launched to worldwide acclaim

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The re-timer changed my life.This device gives me a new hope.I was using sleeping pills from last one and half years,now i have stopped sleeping pills and having regular and normal sleep with the help of RE-TIMER

K C Skaria, Retd.Teacher,Pathanamthitta

'I cured years of insomnia by wearing GOGGLES': Woman finally gets a good night's sleep thanks to hi-tech eyewear that emits green light

Penny Palmer London, UK


Re-Timer is a light device, worn just like a pair of glasses produces a 100% UV-free green light, This green light helps your body recognize when to be awake and when to sleep. UV-free green light from this Re-Timer has been proven to naturally help you sleep by re-setting your sleep rhythm or body clock.


If you wear Re-Timer sleep glasses about 30–50 minutes per day it will give your body the bright light you need to maintain a healthy sleep–wake rhythm. Re-Timer usage in the morning shortly after waking will help you fall asleep earlier and using Re-Timer in the evening will help you fall asleep later. Generally, you will notice a change in your sleep–wake rhythm within 4 days.

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