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A medicine Free Solution for your sleeping problem

History of Re-Timer

Re-timer was formed in 2010 and its primary purpose was to commercialize. It is a light device for improvement for your sleep. Re-timer is a light device had created by Professor Leon Lack and colleagues at Flinders University. Re-timer is the first wearable green light device. The first commercial-grade devices were launched into the world market in November 2012. The good things of Re-Timer spread through word of mouth and the demand for the technology continues to increase.

A team of experts consists of seven engineers, sleep psychologists, and two ophthalmic experts designed Re-Timer with two years. About one year (1,900 hours) of work time was spent for computer-aided design alone. The whole team worked tirelessly to incorporate the latest sleep science from Flinders University into an ergonomic wearable device After four design iterations and 160 logged design changes, the Re-Timer was launched to worldwide acclaim.

Today, Re-Timer is assembled in a state of the art clean room certified to ISO class six in Adelaide- Australia. It is a sophisticated technology requiring skilled labor. As a result of this reason Australia selected as the manufacturing location.


The Re-Timer device is a light device, it could wear just like a pair of glasses that produces a 100% UV-free green light, which helps your body recognize when to be awake and when to sleep.

Ultra Violet-free green light had proven to naturally help you sleep by re-setting your circadian rhythm or body clock.

Re-Timer may help if you

  • Have trouble sleeping at night
  • Sleep deprived and Feel lethargic in the morning.


If you wear Re-Timer sleep glasses for 30–50 minutes every day helps to give your body the bright light you need to maintain a healthy sleep–wake rhythm. By using Re-Timer in the morning shortly after waking will help you fall sleep earlier and using the Re-Timer in the evening will help you fall asleep later. Obviously, definitely you will notice a change in your sleep–wake rhythm within 4 days.

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