• GSTIN - 32AKWPV2649C1ZT |
  • TIN Number -32050538649 |
  • IEC code - 1014016142 |
  • TAN Number -TVDR00746E

How to use?

Switch on the device by pressing the round button inside the device two times and use 30 minutes to maximum one hour per day in the morning immediately after your bedtime. The ideal time is in between morning 5 am to 7 am. Switches off all powerful lights in the room and use curtains in the windows prevent outside lighting. Since the RE-timer light is very low intensity, powerful room light and outside light affect its performance.

For night shift workers / shift workers, use the device in the evening or immediately after your bed time for 30 to maximum one hour per day.

In General, one should use this device 15 to 16 hours before his / her next bed time assume a person is sleeping 8 hours per day.

After one hour working, the device automatically switches off.

In my personal experience, what I am suggesting is to use one hour every day morning same time until you sleep normal. Once you have achieved normal sleep / wake cycle, two to three days in a week for 30 minutes are sufficient.

If a person is using sleeping pills on a regular basis, do not stop it immediately while using the re - timer. Consume the pills for next 4 to 5 days in same course and then stop for one night. Then use one pill the next night if you were not sleeping or require one. Like that slowly reduce the dose within 3 weeks and stop within one month or depend upon the result of light therapy.

The result may vary as each person is different and it depends upon the severity of the sleep disorder and how his / her body responds to the lights and the ability of the pineal gland in the brain to reproduce sufficient quantity of melatonin, the sleep hormone in right time and also other brain signals reproduce at the right time which are help you to sleep. Remember, light therapy is for assisting your brain to re calibrate and reproduce these things in right time. In general majority of the customers recover their sleep within seven to 10 days. In some cases it took one month and in rare cases two months.

Even if a person does not sleep in the previous night and if he use Re-timer immediately after the wake up, the tiredness and pain in the eyes due to lack of sleep will be reduced or disappeared and he / she feel fresher.

Many customers were asked me whether they can use the Re - timer device in the morning and evening or any time they wish. The answer is NO. Because if you use morning and evening or any time as you wish, your brain will confuse. Use only one time per day and ideal time is morning for normal night sleepers.